My Projects

Here is a list of projects and programs I have build, and / or contributed to.

These projects range from unfinished ideas, to codebases that took months to develop. I cannot guarantee that the link you click will bring you to a finished project. If you see a project here that you would like to improve upon, open a Pull Request. If you would like to adopt a project, send me an email.

Table of contents




  • shift2 - My own encoding library
  • drbot - The library I used to build my devRant bots
  • devrantsimple - My first ever devRant client library
  • geoIP - A library for fetching device location
  • lynkz - A link shortener library
  • ODWC - A library for organizing humans
  • RaiderFetch - A library to query data about team 5024
  • PicoEngine - A simple 2D game engine I built to help me write games for 11th grade computer science
  • pihole-API - An api wrapper for the pihole web interface


  • devDNS - A devRant bot that responds to DNS queries
  • ScoreBot - A slack bot for posting FRC game scores


  • Learn - An Android app I built to help me practice throwing darts
  • FosslClient - A build-it-yourself devRant client for Android
  • dr - A CLI devRant client with an ed-like interface

Operating systems

  • os328 - An OS built to run on the Arduino UNO with a built-in BASIC interpreter
  • picos - An OS I used to help me learn about the Raspberry PI hardware. This is basically a port of os328 over to the PI2



  • CustomCSS - A collection of stylesheets I use for customization
  • Dotfiles20 - My dotfiles
  • Menus - My dmenu scripts
  • MOTD - A script that gives me some information when I open a new terminal


  • FRC-actions - A GitHub actions tool to automatically build and test FRC code
  • Dart4CROS - A tool I built to load dartlang on a chromebook
  • devrant-dl - A tool for downloading your account data from devRant
  • colourscale - Some scripts for playing with images
  • FRC-code-stats - Tools for gathering information about FRC teams
  • PWNlink - A tool for extracting admin passwords from some D-link routers
  • BashSmash - A tool for obfuscating BASH scripts
  • dxmon - A tool for polling the reverse beacon network
  • Rekog - Scripts for identifying faces in webcam video
  • pypak - Convert python code into PYZ compressed applications
  • AirLog - A tool for logging QSOs
  • rfNightmare - Scripts for working with SDR data in chromeos
  • TermSDR - SDR FFT for chromeos
  • eco - A C / C++ compiler that never compiles code without errors
  • BecomeRanter - An LSTM-based tool for generating devRant posts
  • ISS - Find out where the ISS is from your terminal
  • LaunchDraw - Use a Novation Launchpad as a canvas with the pygame MIDI library
  • Social Mapper - A Social Media Enumeration & Correlation Tool by @Greenwolf

Server Tools

  • REmail - An email relay
  • chat - A simple telnet-based chatroom server


Dirobium was the first “fantasy emulator” I built. It emulates a CPU architecture and hardware that I designed myself. The goal of this project was to learn about computer hardware at a low level.

  • DirAS - The dirobium assembler
  • Dirobium - The dirobuim emulator
  • Graphite - The dirobium graphics emulator