GitHub's CSS is boring. So I refreshed the design

I have been using GitHub since 2017, and have been getting tired of GitHub’s theme. I didn’t need a huge change, just a small refresh. So, to solve this, I whipped out Stylus and made a nice little CSS file for it.

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Building a safe and easy system for sending computer vision data from a raspberry pi to a roborio

Computer vision on an FRC robot has some problems.

  • RoboRIO is not powerfull enough
  • NetworkTables is not fast enough
  • A TCP connection is great until you lose connection
  • mDNS discovery is not reliable on the field
  • UDP can skip frames
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The language hunt

Our programming team is looking to switch languages in the 2020 season. Here is the what, why, and how.

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Using a python script to create devRant posts based on the style and content of another user

Ok… The title is slightly wrong. There are actually 2 scripts.. Sorry about that.

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