About Me

I am a 16 year old programming student. I enjoy learning new concepts, building projects out of random ideas and obscure technologies, and working with new tools. My projects range from building tools to help me with school work, and robotics, to radios and video production.

Chat with me

If you want to contact me, you can do so via email (ewpratten @ <this website’s domain name>).

I use PGP keys (mt keys and history are listed below), so feel free to contact me securely via GPG. If you don’t trust Microsoft (owns GitHub, who hosts this site) to serve you the correct file, you can find my key on and .

My current PGP key fingerprint is: 3D98 479A DE42 85A3 21F6 6DE4 DAB2 7917 6352 D880.

pub   rsa4096/0xDAB279176352D880 2019-08-10 [SC]
      Key fingerprint = 3D98 479A DE42 85A3 21F6  6DE4 DAB2 7917 6352 D880
uid                   [ultimate] Evan Pratten (2019 Master) <ewpratten@retrylife.ca>
uid                   [ultimate] Evan Pratten (School) <pratevan745@gotvdsb.ca>
uid                   [ultimate] Evan Pratten <ewpratten@gmail.com>
uid                   [ultimate] [jpeg image of size 4060]
sub   rsa4096/0xA6D75F2BCCA664E4 2019-08-10 [E]
sub   rsa4096/0xDFACD580268115DF 2019-08-10 [S]
sub   rsa4096/0xA61A2F1676E35144 2019-08-11 [] [expires: 2025-08-09]

The following is my key history:

Fingerprint Sign date Expiration Links
3D98 479A DE42 85A3 21F6 6DE4 DAB2 7917 6352 D880 2019-08-10 When Revoked MIT
Ubuntu Keyserver
DD15 BE72 F652 984A ED9E C033 56F5 A6FB 5A8E EF90 2017-12-08 Revoked OpenPGP.org
Ubuntu Keyserver

My social

I exist in various places around the internet. Mainly:

My gear

Currently, I use the following hardware:

  • Lenovo T480
    • 16GB of RAM
    • 500GB Crucial SSD
    • 1080p display
    • Ubuntu 18.04 minimal
  • Google Pixel 3a XL
    • Stock android
  • HP 27es monitor

My crypto addresses

These are my wallet addresses for various cryptocurrencies:

Currency Address
Stellar ewpratten*keybase.io
Bitcoin 1BorqYNm54SkyxsPGfpzKKoc9ameU1JEM2