A collection of stuff made by Evan Pratten

Who am I?

I am a teenager who loves to write code and make stuff. Currently, I am in school, doing stuff... Aside from that, I am a programming captain on FRC team #5024 and spend my free time either programming or thinking about programming

My Projects

This is a shortened list of my projects. Not everything is here. If you want to see the rest, check out my GitHub profile.

barebonesFRC (info)

My Music

All my music is avalible HERE
Note: I have taken a break from publishing music

Mine Some Crypto For Me

If you feel like volunteering some of your computer's processing power, you can donate to me and my projects without paying any money!

Just click: HERE

My Social Stuff

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My PGP Key

56F5 A6FB 5A8E EF90